Now Offering 2 x 72 Belt Grinders


Finally a 2 x 72 belt grinder built in canada

For the longest time if you wanted to find a 2x72 belt grinder you had to source one in the USA and pay exorbitant shipping an duties to bring it into Canada. The Toronto Blacksmith 2x72 Belt Grinder is made in Canada and avoids those issues.


-Gas shock tensioner, no need to play with finicky springs
-Easily Adjustable angle flat platen
-Easily removable flat platen which enables you to slack grind
-Two tooling arm slots
-Tool rest (Not pictured)
-Aluminium wheels. (2) 2’’ Idle wheels, 3’’ Tracking wheel, 4" Drive wheel with 5/8" bore
-Standard quick-change 1.5'' tooling arm. Switch from a flat platen to a round contact wheel in seconds! Simply mount the drive wheel to a motor of your choice and you're ready to grind!

- C-face mounting bracket for easy motor mounting
-Spare aluminium tooling arm

Mount your own motor and you’re ready to start grinding! Note, motor not included. 1-2hp TEFC motor is recommended.

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Disclaimer: Not for industrial or commercial use. Always wear proper PPE when operating any machine. Follow all standard safety precautions.